Wednesday, August 3, 2011

USA Trip April 2004

Gail and I went to USA for a book tour and to give some technical sessions on the Porsche 964 series. Click on the photograph to see the the galleries.

Rennsport II:
Daytona Florida USA April 22nd to April 26th 2004.

Photo courtesy of Bazza Schultz

As part of the Porsche Enthusiasts Companion (Auftragsnummer 964) book tour organised by Bentley Publishers, Gail and I arrived in Daytona to take part in Rennsport II. For both of us the whole event was about meeting people.

The following photo gallery is a tribute to all those we met. They include many old and many new friends. Thank you to all the people that made our stay awesome!!!! A special mention must be made to our dear friends, with whom we caught up with at the event. Jenny and Vern Schuppan, Derek Bell, Estonia and Alois Ruf. It was also nice for me to share the book signing duties with Karl Ludvigsen.

We cannot forget the cars at Rennsport II and here's just a small selection.

Our hotel in Daytona was right on the Esplanade.


On April 26th Gail and I flew from Orlando to Boston via New York. We were to spend a week in Boston culminating in a book signing and technical session at the Publisher's facility.

Fellow Rennlister Eric Kessell loaned us his 964 for the week we were there. This is the car that Eric kindly loaned to us.

Brian Milazzo arranged for us to visit with Paul Russell in Essex Massachusetts. Those who know about Paul will know that he is one of the premier automotive restoration companies in the USA. He is entrusted with the car collections of many famous people. Gail and I were given the full tour and everything in the facility was opened to us. For car lovers of all kinds the follow photo gallery is a real treat. It was a treat just for me to be able to photograph them.

The final event of our stay in Boston was the book signing and tech session held at Bentley's facility. All those who attended I am sure had a great time. Gail and I certainly did. I will again let the pictures do the talking. The photos seen in this photo gallery are all courtesy of Joe Wilson.

BMW factory visit

After the Geneva motorshow, Gail and I were invited to visit the BMW M3 production facility in Regensburg, Germany.

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Geneva motorshow in March 2004

Gail and I were invited by BMW Switzerland to attend the Geneva motorshow in March 2004 and we went. We were invited back in 2005, but Unfortunately we were unable to attend.

Porsche Highland Tour 2003

In October 2003 Gail and me joined the Callendar Classic Highland Porsche Tour of Scotland. On October 8th we set off for Scotland. The photo gallery shows what we got up to. A special mention again must be made of Tony Flint and his amazing organisational skills to make this tour a great success. I also have to make special mention of Christian Stewart who kindly lent us his Carrera 3.2 to use on the driving tours.